Consumer Decision Journey….

To start, I would like you to take a moment to think about your purchase decision journey few years ago and how is it different today!

Few years ago, the consumer decision journey was going through the following main steps:

  1. The customer watches commercial/advertisement about a product (stimulus)
  2. The customer then finds the product in the store (first moment of truth)
  3. Then he/she buy the product and experience it

In that journey, the marketer’s role is to ensure that their products are well displayed at stores. Moreover, it should be easy to be seen and visible to grab the customers’ attention, therefore; selecting areas like eye level shelf would be advisable.

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Today, the journey added a step prior to first moment of truth (FMOT) which is called zero moment of truth (ZMOT), whereby the consumer tend to use their digital platform/tools such as laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc to search for the product and read other customers review prior to buying it.

Here comes the role of the marketing team to ensure the visibility of the product online to drive consumers to buy and experience it. Moreover, using online platform will enable marketers to understand consumers need at that moment they think of making a purchase, that will enable them to personalise the message to the consumers which will have a great impact at the right time. Furthermore, the digital platform has helped marketing team to have a two-way communication with customers.

Digital has grown to support the marketing team reach their ultimate goals which is reaching consumers at the moment that most influence their decisions.

New Model – Consumer Decision Journey (ZMOT)

Zero Moment of Truth


3 thoughts on “Consumer Decision Journey….

  1. Very interesting Fatma. I think technology clearly plays a role in shortening the decision process, my personal expectation is that the decision process will be further driven down with the newest cutting edge technologies like VR. Marketing will play a key role in steering technological advances.


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