Content is King!

Imagine, you have the best website, products, brand, advertising posters and marketing collaterals, but don’t have the right content and information. Do you think customers will be attracted to your offering?

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In today’s digital world, customers go online to find the content and information they want about a product or service, therefore; all the company’s video, posters and ads should include that kind of content that will attract them and create a positive attitude, association and loyalty with the brand.

Content marketing helps the company in lead generation, brand/name recognition, customer development and loyalty creation. Due to those advantages, many big firms such as RedBull, GoPro and IKEA decided to increase their content marketing.

GoPro is a successful company that promotes extreme adventures and sports. For them to be successful, they have developed content campaigns to engage with their fan. Below are some of their interesting strategies that made them successful:

  1. Capturing moments: GoPro features their fans on their Youtube account to ensure that their consumers get the content that interests them and it gives the opportunity for fans to share videos with other fans.
  2. Partnering with RedBull to create incredible content together hence; they are both powerful teams.
  3. Engaging with their fans through social platforms such as Youtube that is an important step in their strategy.
  4. Their engagement strategy is to provide what their fans want to see and this is an important aspect of marketing that is to give your audience what interest them.
  5.  They use storytelling method in their content which is an amazing way to attract the audience and keep the message memorable and go viral.
  6. They tend to share various types of videos from regular life to extremes so they can be seen by everyone.
  7. GoPro selected the right social channel/platform that goes well with their brand. Many firms want to use all social channels but using all might not always be the best approach, therefore; you should know what goes the best with your strategy.

Remember always, every person/customer go through thousands of ads, websites and marketing materials on a daily basis, therefore; having the right content that will attract and interests them would differentiate you from others and competition.



2 thoughts on “Content is King!

  1. The beauty of GoPro’s content marketing strategy is that it’s customer centered vs. product centric. Perhaps linking to the company’s you mentioned would add value to this post. Also, I think you accidentally included the third paragraph twice.

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