5 Tips for a Better Presentation!

Do you normally have a fear of public speaking? Do you feel that you lose your words once you stand in front of a crowd? You are not alone in that as public speaking is considered to be the biggest fear faced by people that cause a feel of nervousness.

Photo Credit: Stage Fear Static

Since this is an important topic for marketers, business professionals, and students, I decided to touch base on it in my blog as it is the time when most students are submitting their final projects and presentations.  The following are five (5) tips for an amazing presentation:

  1. Know your Audience: This is very important as by knowing your listeners, you will be able to prepare accordingly by telling them what they don’t already know and what interests them. Moreover; it is essential to use a language that they understand and avoid using jargon.
  2. Storytelling: You are presenting to the audience for a purpose of sharing information, pitching for something and wanting to persuade them to take an action, therefore; you need to connect with them emotionally and inspire them through storytelling to change their behavior.
  3. Entertaining Performance: You are not expected to be an actor while presenting but rather be yourself by knowing your words and the topic you are telling your audience. Show your audience that you are an expert in the topic by presenting with passion and energy. Moreover; create eye contact with them to engage them in the presentation and to ensure that they are following you. Also, use your body language along your voice to emphasize the importance of the topic.
  4. Use Presentation Tools: Using visuals and powerpoint to support you in your presentation is good, however, don’t overuse it as that will create a distraction to your audience. Moreover; if you decide to use a powerpoint, your wording should be simple and short to allow your audience to concentrate on you instead of the powerpoint.
  5. Conclusion: Remember this can be the most important part of your presentation as this is the takeaway you want your audience to carry with them, therefore; it should be clearly stated and directed to what is required from them. Moreover; your audience might be heading to other presentations after yours,therefore; it is wise to give them something as take away that have your presentation or even email it to them immediately after you are done.

On the contrary to what I mentioned earlier, the following graph will take you through five (5) ways to ruin a presentation which you should avoid.

How to Give a Killer Presenation

In conclusion, remember that you are the expert in your topic and the audience are there to listen to you, therefore; be passionate, energized and ready to present your best. Moreover; eye contact is essential to engage with your audience and to know if they are following you or if they have any doubts and need clarification. Remember to always end your presentation by thanking your listeners and allow at least five minutes for question and answer session (Q&A) that way you will give them the opportunity to clarify important points if required.

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One thought on “5 Tips for a Better Presentation!

  1. I read through your article and i must say that it’s wisely written and it’s going to help me alot considering that i have just started college . I’ll make sure To keep in mind everything you have mentioned 🙂


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