Email Marketing Campaign

Let us spend some seconds and think of a time when you received a marketing email in your inbox whereby, opened it, read it, shared it and probably made a purchase. What attracted to take the action of opening it and reading through?!


Email is considered an effective tool to acquire customers for e-commerce stores, however; the key is to do it right. Therefore, more and more businesses tend to use it regularly. Below are some important insights for email marketing that I would love to share with you:

  1. Customers list – it is essential to have the right list and email addresses for those who have an interest in your business, products, and services. Hence, the last thing you want to do is to send an email to a wrong customer whom will never open your email. This information can be obtained from your own website through sign up button, events, store logbook, etc.
  2. Segmentation – it is also important to know your customers well and identify your persona. Having such information will support you in developing the right message that will attract and interest them to open and read the email.
  3. Test your subject lines – this is key, as many people open their emails according to the subject line, therefore; having the right message there will be a way to get through your audience. Moreover, it is advisable to test different subject lines to see which one is the best. Imagine receiving an email with this line “Happy Birthday Sara, Surprise Inside!”, wouldn’t you want to open it and see what’s waiting for you?!
  4. Personalize your message – it feels nice to receive a message with your name as it feels like the sender just sent the email to you, although you have a clear understanding that it was sent to others as well, however, personalization plays an important role in giving the email its importance to engage with customers.
  5. Reduce text and optimize calls to action – remember customers receive and read many emails on a daily basis, therefore; it is important to keep your message short, sweet and to the point but optimize the call to action so, you can reach to the email objective.
  6. Use visuals – customers like to see visuals and colors in the email as that keeps the reading interesting. So; use images of your products to give it value and it can tell a story in support of the words.
  7. Provide ways for social sharing – include social sharing buttons in your email to get the word spread to more people, as customers normally like to share interesting information with their social network.

Those were some strategies that can support and benefit you in your email marketing campaign, always remember that customers receive hundreds of emails, keep yours simple, short and attractive.


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