How Much Do You Know about Social Media?!

Social Media Logotype On Tags

Did you know that over 75% of all internet users, use social media? 52% of online users, use two or more social media sites?. The below chart showcases the social media of the world in terms of active users in some major platforms.

Social_Media_of_the_World_2016 (1)

Isn’t the above facts and statistics interesting to know?! Now my question to you is: “How much do you know about social media?”. To test yourself, Social Media Test.

As the above statistics shows how social media is changing and on continues change, how do we keep up with it? Today customers expect to find companies on social platform to enable them to get information, read reviews and engage with them. Not to mention that, as we have already been seeing that every year, new social media platforms are introduced and customers tend to wait passionately to be part of it. Our role as marketers is keeping ourselves up to date and to understand which channel/platform is right for our business and segment. Remember, we can’t be on all channels!


It is important for us to understand the different use of each channel to enable the right choice of selection for the company and industry. We also need to know which channels are mostly used by our segment so we can be available to them on that platform. The following will determine the difference of major channels used today: facebook, Linked In and Instagram.

  • facebook-512Facebook: is a page where people connect with family and friends, therefore; being on this platform will give you a way to connect with customers who are interested in your business. Creating a page on facebook gives you the ability to include your logo, business name & information, latest news, sharing photos, and most importantly you will have the chance to engage with your customers through liking, commenting or even sharing your news and page to their network.  The great news is, facebook has 1.31 billion active users that could be potential customers to your business.
  • linkedin_box_blueLinked In: is used to network with professionals from and within an industry and it is also a way to get information about an employer and their latest news. Being on Linked In will allow you to share announcements, promotions, news articles or video with your followers. That gives you the chance to engage with them, through allowing them to like, comment and share updates with their network. In return, that expose you to more networks. The great news is Linked In has 313 million active users in 200+ countries.
  • Instagram Instagram:  53% of it users are within 18 – 29 years of age. That is an interesting fact to know if your business targets that segment. Instagram is an amazing channel that is built on the power of visual storytelling that allows businesses to showcase their product or service in a visual context. To be part of this channel , you first need to start by having a clear goal and creative concept. Then based on your goal, you would create your account name, profile photo and a bio about the company to better attract customers to follow you. Using this platform allows you to tag people and include a location on your photo/video you are sharing that will help tell the story of the image. When using this platform, remember to always search and explore to discover people and their locations that might have relevance to your brand, product or service. Also, always keep yourself updated with the trending accounts and hashtags.

In summary, social media is a great way to engage and communicate with your customer hence, it gives the chance to expand to wider networks through your followersocial-media-time-vortexs. As marketers, we always need to keep ourselves up to date with the latest trends and best practices to excel in our strategy. Remember to keep in mind that one wrong social media post can ruin your business’s reputation, be careful! Also, remember that some businesses fail in social media because they are trying to be available on all platforms even those which are not relevant to their business, therefore; ensure to select the right platforms that benefit your business and segment. Now after all the above, my closing question is:“Can you imagine your life without Social Media?!” 

To read more about Social Media:

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