Technology Evolution, What’s next?!

During the week of spring break, my brother visited me from Oman and we decided to visit the New York Historical Society Museum and Library. This museum has an interesting section that showcases the computer, telephone and digital evolution which I got fascinated about and thought of sharing my learning from the visit.

  • Telephone: Since the old days, as you can see from the picture, the people used picturephone whereby the communication was done through video and voice but it required a phone and screen and that has evolved to what we are using today which is Mobile Phone. IMG_4974IMG_4977
  • Computers: In the past, people used typewriters at work and it went through changes and evolution until computers, laptops and today tablets and mobile phones that we heavily depend on even on the go that was impossible in the past. Not to mention, the older computer PC’s used the floppy disk to store items which didn’t have sufficient memory in comparison to what we are using today, USB. memory cards and today iCloud.


  • Games: During the old days, people would play the games as in the picture, however; today games are played either by connecting to the television or even many would tend to play it using their tablet and mobile devices and that supports the play on the go concept.

    Looking at all the above, we could see how the technology world has evolved and how do we now have everything on the go (games, computer, connecting with friends and family, ….) and how it made our life easier in terms of performing our task and keeping connected always.

    Not only that, but the world has changed to include graphical 3D designs that allow consumers to see a better picture of a product or service. As below is an example of a 3D image of NYC buildings that looks like real and gives the audience a better idea of the place. IMG_5011

To conclude and sum up, I would say that I have learned a lot through my visit and seeing the old devices that were used during the old days which made me realize how our life is easier in this term. Moreover, as a marketer, it has enlightened my knowledge and broaden my arena of how things used to be done to what is done today.

The question is: what do you think will happen next? Where are we heading? we marketers should always keep ourselves up to date as we should be the pioneer in our strategies and technology to keep up with the dynamic and fast moving world.