The Evolution of Digital World….

During our grandparents time, they use to rely on good old newspapersgrandfather-reading-newspaper-grandparent-news-day-sitting-beach-chair-32915930 to find out where the hot deals were in town and that was the “hip” thing to do, however; today with the birth and growth of digital, marketing techniques and strategies have seen a drastic shift in the past decades.

The best aspect of digital is that it is a two way communication which is an effective tool to allow the customers to communicate their needs and demands and also to get feedback from them to enable brands and companies to come up with goods and services to fulfil the consumers desire and to build long lasting relationship with them.

One of the interesting and creative tool in the digital marketing is the use of “Meme” which is considered a cultural symbol or social idea and it behaves like virus which travels from one person to another quickly and fast, and that is considered a good tool as it allows any idea to spread between people fast which allows them to know about the latest news, brands and trends.

The most recent meme which I have seen was the popular “#BeLikeBill”, that is used for social commentary in Afghanistan and it is basically targeting social media misconduct and encouraging good behaviour.

This meme has become very popular to an extent that it attracted more than 1.5 million likes. Surprisingly, the images of this meme have been appearing on Facebook sincMemee last year but it became more popular in the past few weeks because of the creation of a dedicated page called “Be Like Bill”. Moreover, this has created interest in people to make customisation and personalisation of this meme by using their own names. To do that, you may visit


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