Every successful journey comes with a story!

Dear family, friends and my blog readers,

At first I had a lot of thoughts whether I should share my life success story in my blog or no, however, I decided to do it as maybe it can work to support others in decision making and establishing their life goals.

I will be taking you through series of stories through my journey, each week I will cover a different aspect.

Our first series would be “Every successful journey comes with a story” 

I am Fatma Said Al Sulaimani, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother…


I come from a very educated family; I am the fourth amongst my siblings that makes me the youngest. When you read the word youngest it comes to your mind, a girl who is spoilt and get everything she wants in life but with me it wasn’t the case. My parents ensured to treat me the same way they treated every one of my siblings and put a lot of objectives, demands and pressure into my head, that I am very much thankful to them today.

Because of them, during my school years, I ensured to score A’s or 90’s and the day which I scored less, I know that I will have a hard talk with them. My family had targets for me, especially that my three siblings graduated and got a scholarship from the ministry to study abroad so all eyes were on me to be the same.

When my time came, I didn’t score as them, I got 93% that didn’t allow me to get a full scholarship from the ministry and the second option then was Sultan Qaboos University which is one of the most prestigious universities in Oman. Although it had all that it takes for people to compete to enter it, at that time, I was very depressed and felt down because my dream was to study abroad, however; I didn’t know that this was a turning opportunity of my life.


– To be continued –