Dream to Achieve!

I started Sultan Qaboos University, College of Commerce and Economics inSQU September 2003. At the start, I decided to play around and not to care about my studies as I didn’t have any passion, however; it took me few weeks to realize that this is my future and not anyone’s else and that I should put goals for myself to fly high. And thereafter, I started joining various groups and clubs within the college such as business society, marketing club, and management club, I was then elected to be the vice president of the marketing club whereby, organized various events and forums and had wonderful yet successful four years during my studies life.

One of the important aspects of those four years was when I was selected to pursue my internship abroad, so in summer 2006, I went to Australia – Melbourne as the first female batch for eight weeks to complete my internship at the Australian Agency for Education and Training (headquarters). During that time, I learned a lot and was able to implement what I have learneAAET_logod in classrooms into the real world. Not to mention that the best thing which happened there is discovering my passion for travel and tourism as when I was there, when people use to ask me where do you come from, I say Oman and many didn’t know exactly what to expect from the country so I use to tell them a lot about it. Therefore; I decided to write about the “Beauty of Oman” whereby, I was the first student to market Oman internationally and I was interviewed about that on Oman TV upon my return. That was an accomplishment that I felt proud about and had some of my Australian friends come to visit our country just because of what I wrote about it. This was part of turning point of my life as it raised my confidence and I started setting my goals towards the future that I strived hard to achieve.

I came back with a fresh mind and completed my last year of undergraduate and I obtained my Bachelors degree with a distinction of Business Administration specializing in Marketing.

-To be continued-


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