Sacrifice to Achieve!

It was around noon in May 2015 when I was preparing for a meeting; I received a text message from the Ministry of higher Education saying, “Congratulations, you have been awarded a scholarship to pursue masters’ degree.” At that  point of time, I had mixed feeling of happiness and tears that at last, I will be able to accomplish my childhood dream of studying abroad. I immediately after that, called my parents and husband to tell them the news. They were all excited and thrilled about it. A few days later, I applied for New York University as it was the university which had the concentration of Brand Management. After a month of the application, I received an acceptance email that made me euphoric.

While I was in the excitement mode of studying abroad, I started looking for school and nursery for my kids (Firas and Salma), however; due to the limit of time, I wasn’t able to enroll them into schooling as the registration was closed. At that point, my head was going rotating around, trying to find solutions!

When all my the doors closed and had no solution to take them with me, I was extremely disappointed and demotivated to the point that I decided that I will let go of my scholarship. After all, it was so difficult to let my kid’s miles away from me. While all that was going around my head, I decided to break the news to my entire family and here came the support and encouragement from all, telling me that I should go ahead and pursue my dreams even if the kids would stay in Oman. And they all agreed that that would be a better thing for them as they will be surrounded by the entire family while taking them with me will limit them to school and house. This decision was hard to make, but after a thoughtful and long consideration and thoughts, I decided to take on the challenge and come to the USA to complete my masters. This decision might be one of the most difficult decisions I had to make in my personal life. But I honestly believe that I made the right move not only for me to achieve my dream but also, I know that I am ready to go back to my beloved country Oman and be part of its development.

In August 2015, I came to the USA, New York City to start a new chapter of my life. I entered New York University with a passion for learning and adding to my knowledge that will definitely support me in achieving my targets and goals.

– To be continued –

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