Seek for opportunities….

After graduation, I applied for work placement in Oman and I started my first job in April 2008 as an underwriting office at Export Credit Guarantee Agency of Oman anSlide1d it was that one day when I was sitting at work and having my morning coffee, then I saw an attractive Advertisement about the GOLD program (Graduate Omani Leaders Development) which was introduced by The Zubair Corporation, and I decided to take the challenge and apply, few weeks after that I got a call from Zubair Corporation telling me that I have been shortlisted for the assessment center they were conducting. I was excited and attended the assessment day where hundreds of young Omanis participated, however; only 14 would be selected.

After a week from the assessment day, I got that call which said I was selected to be part of the program that aimed to train and prepare the young Omanis to take on leadership positions within the company. Therefore, we went through intensive training and job placements across various companies of Zubair. In addition, to that, we studied to obtain our professional certification diploma in leadership and management. During that one year, I took the opportunity of learning and enhancing my knowledge and skills not only through attending those courses and work placements but also to do some CSR initiatives along with the other team members.

The thing I really recall and learned a lot from was during our first month of the program, we were taken to Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa and when the name comes up, we all said we are going to have something fancy. Yes, we started our day there by having lunch at their fine dining restaurant, then we were sent to see the different type of rooms they have but after that, we were taken to the back area of the hotel where all the remaining food was sent. Then, we were given instructions on where and how they segregate the liquid from solid items. After that, we were given a task as a team to start doing the segregation and we were given 10 minutes. At first, we were all surprised and thought that it wasn’t true but it took us seconds to realize that we had to do it. We performed the task as team and after that we had a debriefing with the HR team there and gave us all the positive points along the improvement areas and said something that I will always keep in mind “A good leader is a person who put his/her hands into things in order for them to learn what’s their team goes through and ultimately that will make them able to support them more”. Since then, I carry that piece of advice with me.

I wore different hats during my six years of service with the Zubair Group that have really benefited me and enhanced my knowledge and experience.

-To be continued-


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